Wireline Winches on Wheels ( BLWOW – 400m )


Cheapest winch on the market ever.

Buy our latest portable Borehole Logging Wheels Winch (patented and protected trademarks) which is not only portable and compact but also extraordinarily robust. The winch has a simple design that make it as good as maintenance free and it is also constructed for long term reliability under hard conditions.

The main advantage of a BLWW is that it is very easy to transport and can be operated by one man. Depending on the model, BLWW is capable of logging holes up to 500 meters.



  • 400 meter wire / 3 mm wire diameter
  • Drive pedal
  • Adapter for casing pipes 139,7 and 168,3 cm
  • Weight ca 75 kg inkluding 320 meter wire
  • 220VAC power supply
  • Motor 1,2 HP / 0,85 KW /1450 rpm with slip clutch
  • One year warranty
  • Made in SWEDEN
  • Call us for a quote  0046 73 33 42 765